Expansions & Data Packs

Cyber  Exodus Humanity's Shadow Opening Moves What Lies Ahead A Study in Static

You can play the game just by downloading it from the OCTGN Game Directory Feed and in this case the cards in the game will be without any art, but just the text.

While usable, naturally the experience is significantly improved if you have downloaded and installed the card images as well. Those are not bundled with the game itself due to size constraints, but can still be downloaded and installed separately. Unfortunately, to avoid cannibalizing FFG sales, we provide censored packs for the first six months of their shelf-life. This means you’ll have to have bought the card pack and be able to look up the individual cards to be able to play with the card images.

Available Sets


If you have the sets already from OCTGN 3.0 and you want to convert them to 3.1 without re-downloading, check this guide.


If you have your own scans and want to use those instead of the censored card, you can follow this guide to do so.

42 thoughts on “Expansions & Data Packs

  1. I think it’s super-reasonable of you to want to provide a platform for Netrunner without actively screwing FFG for making the game 🙂

    Everyone go buy Netrunner! A bunch of card sleeves from anywhere but walmart! 🙂

  2. Is there a way to uninstall image packs? I tried uninstalling Netrunner but they seem to hang in there. Really like to have images but I don’t know all of the newer cards by heart yet so the blurr is kind of a problem. Awsome plugin by the way!

  3. Sooo yeah. The links for the 08c files download a zip file with JPG’s and those have no 08c files in them to install the image packs. So how do I set this up?

  4. I did the same thing – installed the image files, not realizing it would obscure the text. For posterity, here is what I did to remove them:

    1) Quit OCTGN
    2) Browse to your Documents folder, then /OCTGN/Image Database
    3) Browse each of the subdirectories for the cards that have obscured text. In my case, they were named: 08c831e8-8920-4fc0-b08e-f6dedbd2bcc4, 628d9e22-e803-4362-a22a-d59179d232bd, and b0378768-f775-4216-8a4d-40634294898c.
    4) Delete all the subdirectories, and then restart OCTGN.

    Problem solved 🙂

  5. Is the Opening Moves expansion going to be uncensored soon, or is this an end-of-March kind of thing? Thanks for supplying these!

  6. When we can expect Honor and Profit data pack to be added to the game? Censored, blank.. just to be added :):):)

  7. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

    Its Awesome you do all this hard work, and cooperate with FFG, to bring these to us, and help ANR grow! I am also very curious when we can have honor and profit to play with? i don’t care how either 🙂

    • I don’t actually cooperate with FFG. This is all unofficial 😉

      H&P is already available to play. I just haven’t managed to procure censored art yet.

  8. Can someone please explain how to install these images. I downloaded all of the packs but where do I put them/what do I do with them?

  9. Can the different image packs be updated and uploaded at some point? Playing with proxies is fun and all, but having fancy cards is nice.

  10. Hello. Since I’ve started using OCTGN, I’ve noticed that the descriptions for all of the recent cards for the game Android Netrunner (starting at the mala Tempora data pack) are missing. Also, the newest data pack First Contact doesn’t display any card information to me. What I mean by this is that the cards just appear as completely blank. The cards don’t have any picture or description and they just have a a question mark on them. I can’t even search for them when making a deck. It’s as if OCTGN doesn’t even register that they exist.

  11. Lunar Cycle

    Upstalk (Censored until 01/2015)
    The Spaces Between (Censored until 02/2015)

    (05/2015) GOD KILL ME!

  12. It seems this part hasn´t been updated since last year? Is there a way to get the uncensored images of the Lunar Cycle?

    Thanks for the help!

  13. Hi, I just started playing netrunner about 3 months ago now. Ive got all but 8 data packs, spread around for decks i was building on NRDB. I intend to buy all datapacks at some point, I really love the game have started playing on jinteki. I live in a small secluded town so its not always easy to get a paper game going. But when it was hacked a few days ago and down again earlier tonight. i started looking at decks and stumbled across OCTGN. So my question is by importing my own scans, do you mean individually scanning every card i own into computer to replace the censored and missing ones? Thanks for any info. Im just learning Jinteki so far havent learned octgn yet, but after seeing VTES and MTG i have collections of those as well Im enthused to learn. On that note if you want a polite person to play on Jinteki add me to Jankteki. EphinAntz
    NRDB Ephin_Antz

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