Having Second Thoughts about OCTGN?

eurekaWell have no fear, the latest data pack for A:NR is now rezzed! You can find the censored files in the sets page

The update comes with all cards automated as always, with some minor quirks:

  • Bishop: Its placement is not restricted. To rehost it, just target an appropriate ICE and double click it.
  • CopyCat: It won’t check for the duplicate ICE. Just make sure you’re using it when you’re allowed to.
  • Wotan: Since the runner decides which routines fire, they’ve not been put at options. The runner can simply trash their progs, lose money and so on.
  • Hellion Alpha Test: When the trace succeeds, the card will just remain on the table. Just target the resource and double click The Helion Alpha Test to return that card to R&D
  • Off the Grid won’t actually prevent runs automatically. Just don’t do it.
  • Profiteering will allow you to put >3 BP. Just don’t do it.

Other than that, everything should be groovy, but as always, if you find any bugs, report them over on github.

And if you haven’t noticed, there’s also been a few mechanical improvements in the last few days as well:


  • Server access will now be blocked until the corp gives the OK. After 3 requests to access, the runner has a chance to bypass an unresponsive corp (but don’t do this unless you’re sure the corp is not still thinking about it). Second attempt will also directly prompt the corp to acknowledge the run or inform that they’re working on their reacts.


  • Can now derez Agendas
  • Reconnect() will now return ICE to their normal position, in case they get screwed.
  • Plascrete carapace now comes with power tokens and their use is optional. When you’re about to receive meat damage, double click the carapace to use a token and create a damage-prevention effect on the table. That damage prevention will disappear once you receive any amount of meat damage, so don’t use the carapace all at the same time just to prevent the 3 incoming PSF damage.

Oh yeah, one last thing, the final set of the Genesis Cycle has now reached its uncensoring date, so I’ve replaced the individual data pack image packs with a whole uncensored package for the Genesis Cycle to be more convenient for the new players.

4 thoughts on “Having Second Thoughts about OCTGN?

  1. It looks like the Weyland BABW identity doesnt trigger on Green Level Clearance. Is this ok for a bug report, or do you need more info?

    Thanks for all the work you put into this plugin, you make a lot of people very happy!

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