Profiting from your Honor

Kinda like myself at the moment.

Kinda like myself at the moment.

Finally, after almost a week or working on the deluxe set, I have the version ready for play in OCTGN. I started working on it on Monday, but much like C&C, I quickly realized that the Jinteki shenanigans would require more extensive work to integrate into my grid. Unfortunately H&P got released exactly as I was starting my recent apartment move, which played merry hell with my workstation setup and internet access.

Fortunately with a bit of Prepaid Pads here and a little Codebusting there, I’m now proud to release the latest deluxe set of ANR for online play. As usual, here’s the tricky stuff:

  • Tennin Institute: Manual use. Just target the card and double click it.
  • Shi.Kyu: This thing is particularly nasty in archives, with no good way to deal with it.At the moment the corp will have to choose their payment while the runner is still accessing archives. If there’s Agendas with Jinteki:PE and shocks involved, those will have to finish before the runner has a chance to respond to Shi.Kyu. Sorry but I can’t do this any better. In case of confusion, use voice chat, or do things manually.
  • The Future Perfect: This will won’t provide the normal scoring window. Rather it will score itself if the runner wins the PSI struggle.
  • Tenma Line: Manual. Drag the ICE accordingly.
  • Inazuma: Doesn’t rules enforce.
  • Neotokyo: Manual use.
  • Tori Hanzo doesn’t know where he is located, so he’ll trigger on every net damage. Just don’t use him if you’re not supposed to.
  • Silhoutte: Manual use. Just target and double click her.
  • Express Delivery: It won’t show you duplicate cards. So you may see 3 or less option to select if there were multiples on the top.
  • Logos: Manual use.
  • Bug: Double click it after the corp draws a card to get the card name in the chat. If the corp draws another card, you lost your chance.
  • Security Testing: Remotes are a bit tricky. If you select a remote,move your token to the selected remote afterwards. When successfully run it, target the server and double click on one of your security tests to take the money.
  • Mass Install: Will install all programs you’ve targeted. Just don’t do more than 3.
A complete PITA to code.

A complete PITA to code.

The trickiest stuff was making sure the PSI worked within multi-access runs. I had to work around OCTGN limitation here but I think I managed a pretty good solution. The Future Perfect specifically works by completely bypassing your dialogue to score it and going straight to the PSI check. If you succeed the PSI check, it will automatically score itself for you. If not, and you were doing a multi-access, the game will continue where you left off.

There’s a few other scripts I’m fairly proud of, such Shi.Kyu (another ridiculously hard thing to code due to multi-access), Tori Hanzo and Security Testing, which will work almost always unsupervised.

Oh yeah, and I took the opportunity to add some sound effect to an initiating Psi struggle. See how you like it, and while you’re at it, make sure you play Pushing Your Luck a few times 😉

Image Packs are not available yet but I’m hoping to have something for you soon.


2 thoughts on “Profiting from your Honor

  1. Thank you very much for all the effort! Couple issues have come up: Philotic Entanglement doesn’t trigger off Notoriety or Shi.Kyu; Run cards get “stuck” after run is ended with Nisei MkII. Say, an Account Siphon ended with Nisei is left hanging, and triggers off a subsequent run to R&D.

  2. Hi,

    how can i use the honor & profit cards?
    I already installed the image pack but i cant choose the set in my deck builder.

    best regards

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