Feb 22

True Color and Fear & Loathing Images uploaded

The censored image packs for Fear and Loathing as well  True Colors are finally available. Grab them from the sets page

Feb 20

Fear and Loathing in OCTGN

Blackmail-Fear-and-Loathing-Netrunner-SpoilerThe next data pack for Android:Netrunner is now available for online play! As always all cards are automated, with some small exceptions

  • Quest Completed: Target the card you want to access before playing it.
  • Tallie Perrault: Not triggered automatically when Operations are trashed. Just double click her when appropriate
  • Blackguard: Rez not automated. Corp has to manually do it after exposing.
  • Blackmail: Does not check for BP.

Also, that damn Subliminal Messaging was a complete PITA to code. It forced me to write a whole new trigger hook just for itself >_<

Worth it!

Image packs not uploaded (not for TC either) since I have no time to craft censored versions. If anyone wants to step up and blur the card texts and send them to me, I’d appreciate it.

Feb 11

Step-by-Step installation guide by Tuism

Steven Tu has written an excellent guide to help you start from scratch into playing Android:Netrunner online on OCTGN. It’s pretty good, so check it out.

Jan 23

Speed Improvements

I’ve been just as annoyed by the recent emergence of “counter lag” as many other players, so I finally got down to try and track why this is happening and why it became so prominent lately.

I’ve now made some code improvements that I hope address the root cause of this kind of thing, so I want you all to let me know how things look as of v 3.7.5.x. Is advancing cards or making manual credits working less erratically for you?


Jan 16

The True Colors of OCTGN have shown

Panic!It’s that time of the month again, and the new data pack from FFG is finally out. True Color is rezzed on OCTGN!

Not only are almost all the new cards scripted as always, but 3.7.x also brings with it a completely new feature for those players who like to play online just a little bit faster (or who just use voice chat for speed.): Quick Access.

When this mode is activated, as a runner you do not need to wait for the OK from the corp before you succeed a run and access cards.

If the corp has not pressed OK or F3 yet, the first time you press F3, the game will automatically use the Access Imminent button. The second time it will proceed to access. Thus, If you know for certain there can be no reactions, you can just tap f3 twice in quick succession to access immediately. Obviously, you’re expected to give the corp time to react so don’t go pressing F3 two times all the time just to rush through.

To activate Quick Access, simply add the [Quick Access] tag in you game name (including [square brackers] ([QA] also works) or enable it from the Game menu.

If the game is not tagged as [Quick Access] then only the corp can set it as such from the Game menu. The runner can only request it from the corp, and only once.

If the game is tagged as [Quick Access] via the game name, then Quick Access cannot be disabled. This is to allow runners who want to play this way to do so, without being thwarted by the opposing corp.

Other than that, I’ve also started using the newly introduced notifyBar() messages, in a way to announces some important events, but I’ve tried to craft it in a way that doesn’t feel spammy. Lemme know if I succeeded.

The new version should also stop most of the red error spam that started appearing in the latest OCTGN versions. It probably doesn’t catch everything, but it should catch the majority of the flood.

When you play a new card on the table, the game will also add an orange highlight to it, to make it obvious for the opposing player, which should be useful for those times someone goes AFK for a few minutes, or if they just get distracted while the corp is playing a few new root cards in remote servers.

Finally I should mention that I’ve also added the uncensored Creation & Control images. Unfortunately I don’t have the images for True Colors available yet, so you’ll have to play with the proxies for now.

Dec 17

Mala Tempora Image Pack now available

The Image Pack for Mala Tempora is now available in the Sets page, grab it while it’s fresh!

Also, as a sidenote, you may have noticed that the special clicks, credits etc fonts used in ANR have disappeared. This is because a recent update of OCTGN wiped all your settings and defaulted to turning custom fonts off. To see the custom fonts, you need to go to OCTGN’s options and click on the “Enable Game Fonts” checkbox. You need to do that outside a game to see a difference though.

Dec 13

FFG is trolling me

You're going to have a bad timeHello folks, guess what! Mala Tempora is now rezzed!

All the cards have been scripted with a few exceptions where it would be too much pain to do so. Unfortunately, as always there’s a few trickier cards and Mala Tempora came with a good amount of those. In the end I managed to script most of these so that they work intuitively but there is one that gave me headaches.

I’m of course talking about everyone favourite new combo card, Accelerated Diagnostics.

First of all, this card is kinda ambiguous of how it actually works. So lacking an official explanation, at the moment this treats all cards being “looked at” as being in some sort of execution limbo. As such any further ADs you draw with AD, will draw fresh cards rather than repeating existing Operations in the top of R&D. This is also the easiest way to script this and I really hope FFG doesn’t rule this the other way just to spite me.

Furthermore, due to the limitations of scripting in OCTGN this will cause problem with cards which need a target to work. In those cases you need to ignore the resulting targeting error and replay the card afterwards (drag it to your hand and double click it), or just look at your top 3 cards before you play AD and see if any card will require targeting, and do it before you play AD.

Same is true for some sort of SEA Source + Scorched Earth combo. You’ll need to wait until the trace is complete before playing the SE or it will fail if the runner doesn’t have a tag.

Please understand that this scripting cannot be perfect and don’t request miracles with this card’s effects.

All played operations via AD will go directly to your archives once resolved, since further operations could theoretically pick them out of there.

Other than that, other tricky cards like Woman in the Red Dress and City Surveillance take advantage of the recently added remoteCall() functionality to directly ask the relevant player to make the decision on those cards, so they should work naturally at the start of the turn.

By the way, Hudson 1.0 will not enforce its effect. Just make sure you don’t access more than 1. In regards to archives, you’re anyway allowed to look at all the cards even if you don’t access them, so in that case you can look at the hidden archives manually before you succeed the run and decide which agenda you’re going to steal, and then succeed the run and refuse to score all other agendas but the one you decided.

Deep Red’s Caissas will gain a little marker when they come into play. When you rehost that Caissa that marker will give you one click. If you don’t rehost, that Marker will go away at the end of your turn. You should always rehost that Caissa immediately if you need to.

Sundew is not fully automated on click use since the game does not know where it’s assigned yet. Just double-click on it to gain 2 credits when relevant.

And that is all the weird stuff you need to know. Hopefully I should have the censored cards up soon.


Nov 22

Stat-tracking for League and Tournaments

I see various people running their own little leagues and tournaments but usually nobody bothers to inform me about them, or make sure their stats can be correctly tracked. Usually this is not a problem, but if there is any confusion, and you want me to inform you of the stats of how a particular match ended, that is not easily achievable, as non-league stats are hidden by default and I need a full export to reach them, which can take some time.

A better solution would be, as a league organizer, to make sure you contact me to tag your league matches within the code of ANR in OCTGN. This way I can both retrieve a matches stats easier, and I can even provide a full statistics spreadsheet for your tournament or league after it’s finished.

All  you need to do is contact me and let me know two things:

  • Name of the League or Tournament (e.g. “Accelerated Beta League“)
  • Unique game tag that all your participants will be using in their game title. (e.g. “[BGG-L02]“). The tag should always be surrounded by [square brackets] to distinguish it in the title.
    Using this tag in the title will automatically mark a game as a league match, but even if you forget, you can use the game menu to record the match for the league.

So send me those details before you’re about to begin and I’ll make sure you matches are tagged properly in the statistics. If you don’t however, please do not ask me for individual game stats, as that’s far too much effort on my behalf.

Nov 14

Having Second Thoughts about OCTGN?

eurekaWell have no fear, the latest data pack for A:NR is now rezzed! You can find the censored files in the sets page

The update comes with all cards automated as always, with some minor quirks:

  • Bishop: Its placement is not restricted. To rehost it, just target an appropriate ICE and double click it.
  • CopyCat: It won’t check for the duplicate ICE. Just make sure you’re using it when you’re allowed to.
  • Wotan: Since the runner decides which routines fire, they’ve not been put at options. The runner can simply trash their progs, lose money and so on.
  • Hellion Alpha Test: When the trace succeeds, the card will just remain on the table. Just target the resource and double click The Helion Alpha Test to return that card to R&D
  • Off the Grid won’t actually prevent runs automatically. Just don’t do it.
  • Profiteering will allow you to put >3 BP. Just don’t do it.

Other than that, everything should be groovy, but as always, if you find any bugs, report them over on github.

And if you haven’t noticed, there’s also been a few mechanical improvements in the last few days as well:


  • Server access will now be blocked until the corp gives the OK. After 3 requests to access, the runner has a chance to bypass an unresponsive corp (but don’t do this unless you’re sure the corp is not still thinking about it). Second attempt will also directly prompt the corp to acknowledge the run or inform that they’re working on their reacts.


  • Can now derez Agendas
  • Reconnect() will now return ICE to their normal position, in case they get screwed.
  • Plascrete carapace now comes with power tokens and their use is optional. When you’re about to receive meat damage, double click the carapace to use a token and create a damage-prevention effect on the table. That damage prevention will disappear once you receive any amount of meat damage, so don’t use the carapace all at the same time just to prevent the 3 incoming PSF damage.

Oh yeah, one last thing, the final set of the Genesis Cycle has now reached its uncensoring date, so I’ve replaced the individual data pack image packs with a whole uncensored package for the Genesis Cycle to be more convenient for the new players.

Nov 03

Manual Drag & Drops now less game-breaking

In my games I explicitly ask people not to drag & drop cards around the table. This is because doing so would not run any scripts these cards would require for installation or trashing, scripting such as updating MU totals, adding credits tokens and so on. So people insisting on manually dragging cards around ended up with false MUs, unfinished installations and so on.

However with some latest functionality of OCTGN, I’ve now managed to add code that can gracefully handle drag & drops. It works as following

  • Dragging your ID from your hand to the table, will initiate the game setup. This should be easier to remember than pressing ctrl+shift+s.
  • Dragging any card from hand to table, will attempt to install it. If you’re dragging corp cards, you have to keep shift pressed to place them face-down. Don’t complain to me if you forget!
  • Dragging any card out of the table will either trash it (if you place it in trash) or uninstall it (if you place it in hand or R&D/stack). This will take care of MU totals and attached cards as well
  • Dragging any card from Archives/R&D to the table, will check with you, if you want to play it at no cost. Pressing ‘No’ will just place the card on the table without triggering any scripts.

That said, even though drag & drop is now non-game breaking, I still strongly suggest you keep using the app the same way you’ve done until now. That is, just double-click (or press ‘del’ to trash). It’s both faster and less mistake-prone. Particularly because when manually dragging, the card first moves to its end location, and then all scripts fire, so if you do it by mistake (say you don’t have enough credits to play it), then you’ve just revealed the card to your opponent anyway. Using double-click would have prevented it before that.

Still, that should hopefully be more intuitive for many people and should certainly cut down on mistakes done when dragging cards around on the quick.