May 02

Profiting from your Honor

Kinda like myself at the moment.

Kinda like myself at the moment.

Finally, after almost a week or working on the deluxe set, I have the version ready for play in OCTGN. I started working on it on Monday, but much like C&C, I quickly realized that the Jinteki shenanigans would require more extensive work to integrate into my grid. Unfortunately H&P got released exactly as I was starting my recent apartment move, which played merry hell with my workstation setup and internet access.

Fortunately with a bit of Prepaid Pads here and a little Codebusting there, I’m now proud to release the latest deluxe set of ANR for online play. As usual, here’s the tricky stuff:

  • Tennin Institute: Manual use. Just target the card and double click it.
  • Shi.Kyu: This thing is particularly nasty in archives, with no good way to deal with it.At the moment the corp will have to choose their payment while the runner is still accessing archives. If there’s Agendas with Jinteki:PE and shocks involved, those will have to finish before the runner has a chance to respond to Shi.Kyu. Sorry but I can’t do this any better. In case of confusion, use voice chat, or do things manually.
  • The Future Perfect: This will won’t provide the normal scoring window. Rather it will score itself if the runner wins the PSI struggle.
  • Tenma Line: Manual. Drag the ICE accordingly.
  • Inazuma: Doesn’t rules enforce.
  • Neotokyo: Manual use.
  • Tori Hanzo doesn’t know where he is located, so he’ll trigger on every net damage. Just don’t use him if you’re not supposed to.
  • Silhoutte: Manual use. Just target and double click her.
  • Express Delivery: It won’t show you duplicate cards. So you may see 3 or less option to select if there were multiples on the top.
  • Logos: Manual use.
  • Bug: Double click it after the corp draws a card to get the card name in the chat. If the corp draws another card, you lost your chance.
  • Security Testing: Remotes are a bit tricky. If you select a remote,move your token to the selected remote afterwards. When successfully run it, target the server and double click on one of your security tests to take the money.
  • Mass Install: Will install all programs you’ve targeted. Just don’t do more than 3.
A complete PITA to code.

A complete PITA to code.

The trickiest stuff was making sure the PSI worked within multi-access runs. I had to work around OCTGN limitation here but I think I managed a pretty good solution. The Future Perfect specifically works by completely bypassing your dialogue to score it and going straight to the PSI check. If you succeed the PSI check, it will automatically score itself for you. If not, and you were doing a multi-access, the game will continue where you left off.

There’s a few other scripts I’m fairly proud of, such Shi.Kyu (another ridiculously hard thing to code due to multi-access), Tori Hanzo and Security Testing, which will work almost always unsupervised.

Oh yeah, and I took the opportunity to add some sound effect to an initiating Psi struggle. See how you like it, and while you’re at it, make sure you play Pushing Your Luck a few times đŸ˜‰

Image Packs are not available yet but I’m hoping to have something for you soon.


Apr 02

210k Data Set updated

Ooops! Just noticed an error in the way I anonymized the data set caused some rows to break, ending with game names in the wrong place etc. Fixed it now and you can find it on the same place.

Apr 01

210k Anonymized Data Set available

Now that March is finished, and we reached  a nice round number of over 200k matches, I decided to pull out the next data set from the OCTGN, totalling around 212k matches. This should reach until the early availability of Double Time.

You can fetch the .csv from my google drive.

Please share any results you compile.


Mar 30

Draft IDs have now been added

The Masque The ShadowThe two draft IDs have now been added to OCTGN and they can be found under the Promos set to be used for deckbuilding. You will have to create your drafted decks externally to OCTGN however but once you do, you can build them in OCTGN or in another online editor and simply swap out the relevant IDs.

Mar 24

OCTGN is double timing it

It’s another of those days. Double Time, the latest data pack has bow been rezzed for online play on OCTGN.

Unfortunately no censored images available yet but I hope I’ll have some soon.

Trickier Automations
  • NAPD Contract: Will allow you to steal it if you don’t have enough money. Just don’t.
  • Marker: Not automated.
  • Fall Guy: Not automated, just trash it instead
  • Singularity: Does not autotrash, so just ask the corp to trash all
Mar 12

Fear and Loathing in New Angeles League

A new league is starting in 3 days, organized by Malvolio. The previous one has ended with running_bear once again cresting in the top place.

The new league is based around Fear and Loathing but new sets are legal once they are rezzed in OCTGN. Register here:, and remember to use [BGG-L05] in your game titles.

While we’re on the subject, it’s with sadness that I have to report that Tomatello AKA Nikola Tomic, the person who eagerly organized the previous one, has passed away in the meantime. This came as a shock to many of us since he was a young and very active lad. Initially I was sceptical about the news which is why I didn’t post about it before, but it turns out it’s true. Such a shame…

Nikola was very excited about growing the online ANR scene and it’s a loss to see him go like this. So go play some league games in his memory.

Mar 09

Analyze your OCTGN games

Sample Analysis

A sample game, analysed. Click for larger img.

The people behind have released a very interesting little web application that takes your OCTGN Android:Netrunner chatlog and analyze it to provide a game overview. It’s kinda neat as it provides you with statistics of how many credits you made, how many ICE you rezzed etc.

Check it out here

To use it, simple go to your chatlog after the game ends, press Ctrl+A, Ctrl + C, to copy all text to the clipboard, then go to the site, paste it in the box and press the button to analyze it. If you’ve played more than one game in the same session, make sure the text you put in contains the logs only from a single game.

I don’t know how the magic happens behind the code but it’s some impressive feat of text parsing, especially since my code tends to be standarized but often provides customized text as well. Not to mention all the times players take back actions (including credits and clicks and so on) so it’d be interesting to know how they manage those situations.

PS: The analyzer is still in beta, so expect some bugs and improvements in the future.

Mar 04

playonlinux & playonmac

Someone went ahead and crafter scripts to quickly prepare OCTGN to play on GNU/Linux and Mac. If you’re on either of those platforms, it’s worth a try to see how well it works.


This is a wine bottler basically, so it handles everything you’d need to setup to play OCTGN on Linux/Mac with as little fuss as possible.