Oh my!

10 9-5 9-6

Guess what is getting rezzed…

That’s right, everything is getting rezzed!

Old Holywood, Universe of Tomorrow AND Data and Destiny have all been coded and released into the OCTGN wilds!

Due to the amount of cards scripted, I thought it’s be easier to create a spreadsheet to keep track of what is not fully automated. I plan to expand this and go back and fill in previous expansions, but that will have to wait a bit more.

One thing missing is that the card proxies for the mini-factions are based on neutral cards (and the IDs are based on the existing factions), since I don’t have any templates for them. If anyone can step in to create them, I’d appreciate it.

For now, enjoy this epic code dump! Go forth and consume, liberate, or link up!

One thought on “Oh my!

  1. Hi and first, thanks for all the great job done so far !

    I’m not sure it’s the right place but here are few bugs I’ve noticed :
    – Brain Chip (Adam’s console) does not procure extra MU wen we stole or add agenda in our score area
    – When we move an agenda from film critic to our score area, New Angeles City Hall automatically trash itself (this does not occur with The Source though)

    Thank you

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