OCTGN that remains

EkomindAll That Remains has been rezzed in OCTGN. I wasn’t planning to finishing it this week (due to lack of time) but I realized I broke all MU calculations when I tried to save some of my code online so I needed to urgently push it out as a fix.

I hope y’all appreciate how much I love ya 😉

Anyway, all should be working fine now, with MU tracking getting a significant boost in consistency. Runner MU will automatically refresh every time a card changes groups (e.g. grip to table, heap to grip etc) which will allow cards like Ekomind to work properly.

This should have the fortunate side-effect that all MUs should be far more accurate and the game will remind the player to trash programs even when they’re not installing one currently (e.g. Bad Times)

I will prolly use infrastructure to track link in the future as well.

Here’s the tricker stuff for this expansion:

  • Hostile Infrastructure: Manual Use
  • Executive Boot Camp: TurnStart Rez is manual use
  • Lycan: Not scripted. Track manually.
  • Snatch and Grab: Trace effects not automated, only announces.
  • Lela Patel: Manual Use
  • Zona Sul Shipping: doesn’t trash automatically on tag


2 thoughts on “OCTGN that remains

  1. i think zona sul is bugged. i installed it. one credit was put on it when it became the corps turn. then another credit was put on it when it became my turn.

  2. Silly question…

    I downloaded the update, downloaded the image pack, then went in to spectate a few games being played…and none of the ATR cards were showing up (no text, no images, all blank) for me. What happened? Did I do something wrong?

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