OCTGN party at the Breaker Bay

After a longer delay than usual, Breaker Bay is now available for online play via OCTGN. All cards have been scripted but as always, please take note of the following

  •     Hacktivist Meeting: Trash will happen after card is rezzed, so if the corp doesn’t have a card they can still play non-ice. Don’t do it.
  •     Off Campus Apartment. Use it like Personal Workshop, not like a Daemon. Target connection from hand then DC it. In case you’ve already played the connection, you can target it and DB the OCA to host it manually after the fact.
  •     Haley Kaplan: Manual use
  •     Comet: Manual Use
  •     Turing: Lose clicks manually.
  •     Should prevent the runner using automated effects to fetch specific cards from their Heap, but won’t prevent AR Lab Access.
  •     Breaker bay Grid: Manual use (Target card to rez and DC)

And as always, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “OCTGN party at the Breaker Bay

  1. Db0,

    Great news. One clarification, Hacktivist meeting only increases the rez cost of non-ice with a random discard, not installation, is that how you coded it? You say “install” above.



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