Netrunner for Beginners – How to Play

Darren Tse from BGG and Youtube has made a series of videos teaching how to play Android:Netrunner. It is very detailed and he is using OCTGN as his platform, so you’re also going to be learning how to use OCTGN as well in the process.

If you’re new to ANR or just curious about it, it’s well worth a look.

Darren Tse now continues to play and record games on Youtube so it’s worth checking his channel and his blog.

3 thoughts on “Netrunner for Beginners – How to Play

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  2. Instead of going through each faction and explaining each part of the card, it would be far more interesting to just start a game, and explain the “boring parts” as the need arises. Certainly, the need to know what color each faction has does not arise very often.

  3. I thought it was very well done. He was meticulous, but I feel it was necessary.
    I never played the game before, but after going through this tutorial series I feel I have a very strong base to begin my Netrunner escapades. Very well done.

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