Manual Drag & Drops now less game-breaking

In my games I explicitly ask people not to drag & drop cards around the table. This is because doing so would not run any scripts these cards would require for installation or trashing, scripting such as updating MU totals, adding credits tokens and so on. So people insisting on manually dragging cards around ended up with false MUs, unfinished installations and so on.

However with some latest functionality of OCTGN, I’ve now managed to add code that can gracefully handle drag & drops. It works as following

  • Dragging your ID from your hand to the table, will initiate the game setup. This should be easier to remember than pressing ctrl+shift+s.
  • Dragging any card from hand to table, will attempt to install it. If you’re dragging corp cards, you have to keep shift pressed to place them face-down. Don’t complain to me if you forget!
  • Dragging any card out of the table will either trash it (if you place it in trash) or uninstall it (if you place it in hand or R&D/stack). This will take care of MU totals and attached cards as well
  • Dragging any card from Archives/R&D to the table, will check with you, if you want to play it at no cost. Pressing ‘No’ will just place the card on the table without triggering any scripts.

That said, even though drag & drop is now non-game breaking, I still strongly suggest you keep using the app the same way you’ve done until now. That is, just double-click (or press ‘del’ to trash). It’s both faster and less mistake-prone. Particularly because when manually dragging, the card first moves to its end location, and then all scripts fire, so if you do it by mistake (say you don’t have enough credits to play it), then you’ve just revealed the card to your opponent anyway. Using double-click would have prevented it before that.

Still, that should hopefully be more intuitive for many people and should certainly cut down on mistakes done when dragging cards around on the quick.

2 thoughts on “Manual Drag & Drops now less game-breaking

  1. Your Plug-In just gets better and better.
    Cheers for the time you take to make our game even more awesome! 🙂

    Wimpgod (Gary)

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