Mala Tempora Image Pack now available

The Image Pack for Mala Tempora is now available in the Sets page, grab it while it’s fresh!

Also, as a sidenote, you may have noticed that the special clicks, credits etc fonts used in ANR have disappeared. This is because a recent update of OCTGN wiped all your settings and defaulted to turning custom fonts off. To see the custom fonts, you need to go to OCTGN’s options and click on the “Enable Game Fonts” checkbox. You need to do that outside a game to see a difference though.

10 thoughts on “Mala Tempora Image Pack now available

  1. Hi!
    I installed the Mala Tempora pack successfully. In the OCTGN Deck Editor, when I click “set”, the MT set is not in the list. Suggestions?


  2. I must be real dumb, but where do I click to get the download? “Mala Tempora image pack is now available” is hyperlinked, but it takes me to this page with no download link. What am I missing?

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