In the OCTGN Valley

The first data pack of the new cycle is now available. The Valley is rezzed!

As always almost everything is automated, including the new Jinteki hidden ID. Simply double click it before your first turn to select it and double click it again to flip and use it.

  • Clot: Not scripted but will remind the corp
  • Paige Piper: Manual use after you install a card
  • Adjusted Chronotype: Manual use
  • Enhanced Vision: Will show only the title of the card
  • Jinteki Bioteck: You will have to choose your department at the start of your first turn (You can also double click to do it before F1)
  • Negotiator: Break with Credits manually.

Also an extra change: The Autoscripter has been switched to manual use to avoid automatically working when installing from heap or stack.


3 thoughts on “In the OCTGN Valley

  1. Whatever happened to providing and uncensoring card art? Upstalk isn’t released yet, let alone anything after, and Double Time and H&P are still censored 🙁

    • The people who were helping me to do that are not doing so anymore, so I don’t have the time to do it alone. I provide the game in-game proxies and most people were using those anyway.

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