FFG is trolling me

You're going to have a bad timeHello folks, guess what! Mala Tempora is now rezzed!

All the cards have been scripted with a few exceptions where it would be too much pain to do so. Unfortunately, as always there’s a few trickier cards and Mala Tempora came with a good amount of those. In the end I managed to script most of these so that they work intuitively but there is one that gave me headaches.

I’m of course talking about everyone favourite new combo card, Accelerated Diagnostics.

First of all, this card is kinda ambiguous of how it actually works. So lacking an official explanation, at the moment this treats all cards being “looked at” as being in some sort of execution limbo. As such any further ADs you draw with AD, will draw fresh cards rather than repeating existing Operations in the top of R&D. This is also the easiest way to script this and I really hope FFG doesn’t rule this the other way just to spite me.

Furthermore, due to the limitations of scripting in OCTGN this will cause problem with cards which need a target to work. In those cases you need to ignore the resulting targeting error and replay the card afterwards (drag it to your hand and double click it), or just look at your top 3 cards before you play AD and see if any card will require targeting, and do it before you play AD.

Same is true for some sort of SEA Source + Scorched Earth combo. You’ll need to wait until the trace is complete before playing the SE or it will fail if the runner doesn’t have a tag.

Please understand that this scripting cannot be perfect and don’t request miracles with this card’s effects.

All played operations via AD will go directly to your archives once resolved, since further operations could theoretically pick them out of there.

Other than that, other tricky cards like Woman in the Red Dress and City Surveillance take advantage of the recently added remoteCall() functionality to directly ask the relevant player to make the decision on those cards, so they should work naturally at the start of the turn.

By the way, Hudson 1.0 will not enforce its effect. Just make sure you don’t access more than 1. In regards to archives, you’re anyway allowed to look at all the cards even if you don’t access them, so in that case you can look at the hidden archives manually before you succeed the run and decide which agenda you’re going to steal, and then succeed the run and refuse to score all other agendas but the one you decided.

Deep Red’s Caissas will gain a little marker when they come into play. When you rehost that Caissa that marker will give you one click. If you don’t rehost, that Marker will go away at the end of your turn. You should always rehost that Caissa immediately if you need to.

Sundew is not fully automated on click use since the game does not know where it’s assigned yet. Just double-click on it to gain 2 credits when relevant.

And that is all the weird stuff you need to know. Hopefully I should have the censored cards up soon.


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