The eight corners between

The Spaces Between has now been rezzed on OCTGN and all card automations are scripted as always. There’s no censored image pack yet but that should be available shortly.

Some details on the tricker automations

  • Targeted Marketing: Manual Use
  • Cerebral Static: Won’t reduce Chaos Theory’s MU.
  • Unscheduled Maintenance: Not Automated
  • Information Overload: Only trace is automated, since the runner chooses what to trash for the subroutines.
  • Scrubbed: Not Automated
  • Energy Regulator: Just Announces
  • Lag Time: Not Automated
  • Encrypted Portals: Doesn’t add markers or anything.


2 thoughts on “The eight corners between

  1. Hi Db0!
    I can’t find The Spaces Between set in OCTGN deck editor to drop my cards in.
    I looked for the xml to create my own o8c, but I can’t seem to find it in the game database.
    I’ve seen people playing cards from TSB. I wonder how they’re loading them in to play.

    Wimpgod 🙂

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