Controlling your Creation

C&C went live kinda like this.

C&C went live kinda like this.

Creation & Control is finally rezzed and available on OCTGN! grab the censored image files in the usual place.

After 2 full days of hard work, I’ve finally scripted all the scripts and tweaked all the tweaks and have uploaded the goodness in the feed.You will receive the new set as soon as your restart your OCTGN client.

I’m quite proud of how many things I’ve managed to automate. Including but not limited to

  • Director Haas (Not as easy as it looks. I needed to add code that can treat anything as an agenda if needed)
  • Director Haas pet Project (Her again? yes, I now build a complete server with one card)
  • Howler (When you double click this little fella a lot is going on in the back)
  • Awakening Center (functions pretty much like the Personal Workshop)
  • Escher (Can’t automate it completely, but you should be able to move ICE around after succeeding. It will reverse control back to the corp when you jack out)
  • Exploratory Romp (Just target the card you need before you press F3)
  • Scavenge (Quite proud of how smart this one is. Target a card from your hand, or don’t. It’ll figure out what you want to do)
  • Monolith (This big fella requires that you target your progs before you play it. It will install all of them, so don’t select more than 3.)
  • Feedback Filter (Yeah, I know I’ve automated damage prevention already, but having two different types really messed me up)
  • Omni-Drive (Great, now I really have to treat non-Daemons as daemons as well and restrict credits to hosted cards?. Why can’t FFG keep things simple?)
  • Dagger (This one was easier than I expected. Thank Inti for good scripting infrastructures 🙂 )
  • Same Old Thing (Just try to play it with no event in your heap. 😉 )

Because I’ve advanced the way the code works, I also took the opportunity to standardize how cards which install other cards work. This means that Modded and Shipment from Mirrormorph now work as most people intuitively expect them to. Just target the card(s) from your hand and play them. They will install and pay as necessary and it all goes quite fast. No more “You don’t have clicks to use” errors either.

Because of all this interconnectedness you can do something crazy like: Same Old Thing > Modded > Monolith > 3 Progs. To make this combo work, you would need to target the Monolith and the three programs while in your hand and double click Same Old Thing. First Select the Modded (if that’s the only thing in your heap, it won’t even ask) and then select the Monolith. Ta-da! All installed.

bc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda03054 moddedbc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda03036

Unfortunately The Source and Chakana’s agenda slowdown are not scripted yet. I thought I’d better release the thing now before you needy sods start a riot. I will hopefully add the code to make that work soon enough.

Everything else should work splendidly, but of course this was a big update so some bugs are probably still unrezzed. If you find out anything, as always, open a ticket in github.

Fruitful Running!

PS: See if you can find the hidden easter egg. Bonus points if you can do it without looking at the code 😉
PPS: Cyber Exodus is now uncensored as well.

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