If you found a bug in the game definition and want to report it, or if you have a great idea for a new feature and want to see it implemented, please report it in the github repository for Android:Netrunner on OCTGN. This is the best way for the developer to see and track issues reported and you’ll also be informed when they’re closed.

On the other hand, if you merely want to contact the author of this plugin via email for any other reason, feel free to use the below contact form.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi!
    Does the plug-in count influence correctly for prof decks?
    When I load mine, it states that my deck is illegal.
    I have 1 copy of each out-of-faction program and 1 Stimhack for the allowed 1 influence.
    The plug-in states that I’m 10 influence over.

    Thanks, Wimpgod

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