Nov 03

Psycho Gods

So, I made a Custom Biotics deck that I think has some potential and I call is “Psycho Gods”.

I played two games with it the other day that nicely displays what I’m trying to do. What do you think?

You can find the decklist here

Sep 05

2 Games with some funky corps

In recent days I’ve been playtesting some new ideas about corp strategies, and I ended up with some quite interesting games played which I’ve recorded and uploaded for your pleasure.

First it’s a game between Jinteki: Replicating Perfection and The Professor. It’s a horizontal deck concept, containing just 10 ICE, which I primarily use to cover my centrals, in order to tax the runner when running on any of my servers, which in turn have high cost assets and upgrades along with Encryption Protocols, to make trashing prohibitive.

The Second is a game between Cerebral Imaging and Rielle. The CI deck is built around abusing the extended handsize and Celebrity Gifts. It keeps recursing them via Jackson Howard and Archived Memories which effectively provides me with an on-demand Melange which cannot be trashed, as long as I’m holing an Archived Memories in hand. This provides a fairly solid economy, capable of supporting multiple high-cost Bioroids.

Aug 22

A Game With Sound

I just played an interesting game with my NBN “Flytrap” that I think nicely shows off the new sound effects I’ve implemented in the game.

I’m still working on them, but I think we’re on a good path.

Aug 08

First matches from the OCTGN Alpha League Faction tournament

Shobalk had just started posting matchups from the Faction Tournament based on the results of the Alpha League. First few matches are between fellow streamer running_bear and hobb33 (whom I just cannot beat online. 🙁 )

Very exciting and close games follow below. Take a look and follow the thread for more.

Jul 18

Second pair of match casts for the ANR Invitational published

Similar to the previous post, the next 2 matchups for the Invitational have been posted. These are the games I played against Alexfrog and also Orange Devil VS Asroybal

Post Game Interview

Post Game Interview


Jul 08

First match casts of the A:NR Invitational Tournament have been posted

In case you didn’t know, there’s an invitational tournament going on at the moment. 4 known community members and 4 known strategists have been invited to participate in this small 3-round single-eliminaton tournament. The idea being that people with interesting ideas will make interesting decks to play each other while other good players record and comment on the gameplay. Read the link above for the full details.

I was included as part of the community members and decided to participate as part of the community members and I went in with my NBN “Flytrap” and my Kate “Fast-Hate” deck and played my matches yesterday. I’m not going to post my results yet though, until those videos are posted so you’ll have to wait to head my thoughts until then.

However the first two matchups of shobalk VS jopejope and Tuism VS sydwys8 have been posted online, so just make space for three hours to enjoy some high-level and experienced play

Post-Game Interview: Jopejope and Shobalk

Jun 10

Netrunner for Beginners – How to Play

Darren Tse from BGG and Youtube has made a series of videos teaching how to play Android:Netrunner. It is very detailed and he is using OCTGN as his platform, so you’re also going to be learning how to use OCTGN as well in the process.

If you’re new to ANR or just curious about it, it’s well worth a look.

Darren Tse now continues to play and record games on Youtube so it’s worth checking his channel and his blog.

Jun 03

NBN:Making News VS Kate – “Pyrrhic Victory”

The other day I played and recorded an interesting game for the OCTGN Alpha League. I was playing my “Flytrap” deck and I had just managed to start clawing back the mid game, when I got too excited and made a crucial mistake. But I’ll let you see it for yourselves 😉