Aug 23

Uncensored almost all Spin Cycle

Mala Tempora, True Colors, and Fear and Loathing are now uncensored and available to download from the data packs page. Upstalk and The Spaces Between have not been procured yet in censored form, so until then you can use the generated proxies.

May 18

Honor and Profit image pack uploaded

Also Second Thoughts now provided uncensored. Grab them as always from the sets page

Mar 28

Double Time Image Pack Added

Also uploaded the uncensored Opening Moves as well.

Feb 22

True Color and Fear & Loathing Images uploaded

The censored image packs for Fear and Loathing as well  True Colors are finally available. Grab them from the sets page

Dec 17

Mala Tempora Image Pack now available

The Image Pack for Mala Tempora is now available in the Sets page, grab it while it’s fresh!

Also, as a sidenote, you may have noticed that the special clicks, credits etc fonts used in ANR have disappeared. This is because a recent update of OCTGN wiped all your settings and defaulted to turning custom fonts off. To see the custom fonts, you need to go to OCTGN’s options and click on the “Enable Game Fonts” checkbox. You need to do that outside a game to see a difference though.

Oct 08

Humanity’s Shadow & A Study in Static now uncensored

Grab them from the sets page.

Aug 20

Opening Moves Image Pack uploaded

A bit later than usual, but better late than never, eh? as always grab the censored version from from the sets page.


Jul 01

What Lies Ahead and Trace Amount now uncensored

6 months have passed since the release of the first and second ANR packs, as such we are now providing the card images uncensored. Grab the fresh files from the Expansions page.