Mar 12

Fear and Loathing in New Angeles League

A new league is starting in 3 days, organized by Malvolio. The previous one has ended with running_bear once again cresting in the top place.

The new league is based around Fear and Loathing but new sets are legal once they are rezzed in OCTGN. Register here:, and remember to use [BGG-L05] in your game titles.

While we’re on the subject, it’s with sadness that I have to report that Tomatello AKA Nikola Tomic, the person who eagerly organized the previous one, has passed away in the meantime. This came as a shock to many of us since he was a young and very active lad. Initially I was sceptical about the news which is why I didn’t post about it before, but it turns out it’s true. Such a shame…

Nikola was very excited about growing the online ANR scene and it’s a loss to see him go like this. So go play some league games in his memory.

Mar 04

playonlinux & playonmac

Someone went ahead and crafter scripts to quickly prepare OCTGN to play on GNU/Linux and Mac. If you’re on either of those platforms, it’s worth a try to see how well it works.


This is a wine bottler basically, so it handles everything you’d need to setup to play OCTGN on Linux/Mac with as little fuss as possible.

Feb 11

Step-by-Step installation guide by Tuism

Steven Tu has written an excellent guide to help you start from scratch into playing Android:Netrunner online on OCTGN. It’s pretty good, so check it out.

Aug 27

Game fixed again

Thanks to a quick revert by the OCTGN devs, the nasty shuffle desync bug has been fixed. You can now continue sneaking into corporation R&Ds glitch-free.

Apropos bug fixes, the other nasty bug which caused your OCTGN to completely freeze when trying to play sounds (i.e. when first pressing F1) should also be fixed. If you experienced this, you can also turn sounds on again.

The related sound issue where OCTGN will sometimes randomly crash might still exist, but they’re still investigating this. If you still experience random crashes when sounds are on, please report it in this bug tracker and provide a game log (found under \documents\octgn\octgn\logs) as well as your system specifications (is it running in a VM? Windows version, Motherboard and Sound card type etc) as it seems to be caused by either buggy sound drivers or something similar.

Aug 27

Game pretty much b0rked until further notice

The recent versions of OCTGN introduced a serious bug which significantly affects the way ANR works. More specifically, it is bringing player decks in an out-of-sync state between players after shuffling.

This means that as a runner, your R&D accesses will not view the top cards of the opponent’s deck as the corp sees them and you will instead be seeing the deck as it was pre-shuffle! Other cards like Indexing will also appear broken.

There is nothing I can do about this at the moment as it’s an engine bug and it affects every pile manipulation via scripts.

I’ve informed the developers and will inform you on the blog and the MOTD when there’s any news.

Until then, playing ANR will probably be impossible as all your R&D accesses will be false.

Jul 31

The OCTGN Android:Netrunner Beta League is starting.

Image by TuismShobalk has just posted an announcement on BGG that the next League season for A:NR is live now. This one is going to be C&C legal of course and will run from Aug 5 for 1 month. Head over and register for the OCTGN Netrunner League: Beta, or you can do it later.

PS: Make sure you tag your league games as [BGG-L02] exactly this time, you monkeys! Including [the square brackers]!


Jul 27

A:NR beginner’s tournament

dimsumdarren of Easy Mark fame has decided to run an online A:NR tournament for beginners. If you think this is something you’d like to participate in, go and join now!.