Blue Sun Rising!

The Blue Sun division

Another month, another ANR expansion is rezzed and available on OCTGN. Inject gave me a bit of trouble but nothing I can’t handle 😉

Here’s what you should know…

  • Labyrinthine Server: Just Announces
  • Blue Sun: Will not consider cards which increase rez costs
  • Changeling: Not scripted. Track manually
  • Hades Fragment: Manual Use
  • Astrolabe: Manual Use

Also did a number of bug-fixes that were reported lately

  • SoT on LARLA should now trash before LARLA resolves
  • Woman in the red dress will now announce when the corp has finished looking at the card and left it in R&D.
  • Data Dealer should now exile Shi.Kyu, but can also target Corp cards due to this. Don’t!
  • Social Engineering will now only get money from the target ICE
  • Mutated ICE can now use Subroutines
  • LARLA shouldn’t clear runner currents anymore
  • Port Anson Grid and Kitsune should now work (nobody played them until now?)

So yeah, enjoy your Blue Sun shenanigans!


2 thoughts on “Blue Sun Rising!

  1. Strange – I’m at version (updated 10/9/2014), but up & over does not appear for me at all. When playing someone with the Blue Sun ID, I only see a card with a ? – not even the name of the card shows. Am I missing something?

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