Access documentation while in game

The awesome ANR card database site has recently added a new section containing a comprehensive list of rules, FAQs and ruling. This is all kinds of awesome by itself, but its existense allows me to add a link to it from within the game itself!

ANR Documentation in OCTGNThis will allow you now to look up particular rules and rulings while you’re playing a game on OCTGN, without having to fish the pdf files in your hard drive and perform searches on them. Not only that, but it includes a compilation of card rulings provided by the game designers, even if they haven’t reached the FAQ yet.

All-in-all, this should hopefully cut down on rules arguments if the crop up and help you focus on playing the game instead.

This new functionality has been added as of version 3.1.10.x

2 thoughts on “Access documentation while in game

  1. Nothing opened/changed when i clicked on documents. I closed octgn, and loaded again, and same problem. NOTE: I did a self-hosted game, without an opponent. Did that matter?

    • Hm, it should work. If the documents menu does not open, then it may be a bug with your installation? Try to contact the OCTGN devs.

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