210k Data Set updated

Ooops! Just noticed an error in the way I anonymized the data set caused some rows to break, ending with game names in the wrong place etc. Fixed it now and you can find it on the same place.

5 thoughts on “210k Data Set updated

  1. Is there any way of getting the play by play of the games? I see here this is the faction, win/loss, etc. Pretty high level stuff. What I would like to see is the composition of each players deck and then the actions each player takes, what card was played, tags given, runs, cards rezzed, etc? I know it would be a huge data set, but I think a very interesting one.

    Coming out of this I could see break downs of win rates of individual cards (and numbers of cards), win rates on decks giving out tags vs not, win rates of cards while in faction vs out of faction, best times to play a card (or type of card) and more.


    • Sorry but no. I don’t have the capacity to do such kind of stat recording, but if you’re any good with programming in python you could help me do it 😉

      • I am a programmer by trade and I have been working in python lately, so I could give it a shot if you can point me in the right direction and access.

        • All my code is public: https://github.com/db0/Android-Netrunner-OCTGN

          Unfortunately the code for the statistics relies on someone hosting an external site. I’ve found someone to help me until now with a simple POST interface, but I had no more knowledge to improve stats collection and OCTGN does not support importing modules, so I’ve been kinda stuck on how to provide more stat recording.

          Check the code (relevant is in the meta.py file) and see if you have any ideas.

          • I took a quick look and it seems there’s already a game log generated via the notify() calls. It seems to inform the user of what is happening. If we can track that for the whole game and then export it along with the summary report already exported then the munging and statistics collection can be done on someone’s local pc/server. No need for importing additional modules on OCTGN. Where’s the code that’s accepting and processing the POST of the game data?

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