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Upcoming Image Packs

March 2018

  • The Path to Carcosa

April 2018

  • Echoes of the Past

May 2018

  • The Unspeakable Oath


Release notes

Version – Dec 1, 2017

  • Caught up on releasing Image Packs
  • The Path to Carcosa and Echoes of the Past updated and in game

Version – July 6, 2017

  • Proxies now show Victory Points
  • Proxies now show Slot information
  • Fix Permanent keywords for MM and BoTA
  • Added ability to mulligan by right-clicking on hand cards
  • Added check for hand size during upkeep (or ctrl-n)
  • Card number is now included in card data table
  • Added Undimensioned and Unseen
  • Added Where Doom Awaits

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