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  2. hi thanx for the great work any idea on when you will add the last carcosa cards the images are on the download page but i dont think they are in octgn.

  3. *one of the two cards of the The Miskatonic Museum Mythos deck “security office” ( “The Miskatonic Museum #129. The Miskatonic Museum #12”) is missing

    * “Agenda 1b” from The Unspeakable Oath is missing too

    • they are in Location deck which you can find in the global section with Mythos bag, Agenda deck, Act Deck, Encounter Deck, Victory Display and other.

  4. I am having trouble importing deck builds from ArkhamDB. I download the octgn file but every time I go to open it up I get a corrupt file error. Any suggestions?

    • Yes, I have several.
      1. Default ArkhamDB builds contain so-called “Random Basic Weakness” card which is just a placeholder actually. You need to remove it and to add an actual basic weakness, so your deck will be proper. That’s the most likely what is happening.
      2. You use cards that are not among the downloaded packs: you haven’t installed all the packs, you use an investigator from promo/books or Forgotten Age one, or your deck on ArkhamDB has cards from Forgotten Age cycle. But I believe there wouldn’t be an error preventing you from starting the game.

  5. Thank you for the excellent and great work you are doing. Please do not be discouraged for anything, go ahead your help gives us hope.

  6. In the Dunwich Legacy there appears to be missing the following.
    “The House Always Wins”
    -agenda b cards
    -act b cards
    -Hideous Abominations
    -Striking Fear
    “Interlude I: Armitage’s Fate”

  7. When do you think the investigators and anything past the the path of carcosa will be updated? Since it seems we only have access to the core set investigators.

  8. hey it looks like 4 image packs don’t work
    The City of Archives
    A Thousand Shapes of Horror
    Return to the Path of Carcosa
    The Circle Undone

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