If you have any feature requests or find any bugs in the Arkham Horror: The Card Game module on OCTGN then post your comments here.

If the bug is with the OCTGN program itself (rather than specific to the Arkham Horror module) then you can raise a bug report on github.

9 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I don’t suppose anyone on your team picked up a copy of Labyrinths of Lunacy from GenCon and are working on prepping it for an image pack?

  2. Hi,

    When I play the first scenario of Dunwich (Extrascolar activity) I don’t find the experiment. Do I miss something ?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. For Essex County Express and beyond: In Miskatonic Museum, if you grab the necronomicon, you’re supposed to add an elder sign token to the chaos bag. But, there is no way to do so as there is no extra token in the continuing mythos packs. I mean, I would rather NOT have the elder sign token, but I do want to play the game correctly. :p

    • Well, this may sound tedious but there’s a fix to that. After you load your chaos bag, load another bag of different difficulty. They will stack up with the previously loaded token. If you go to Global tab and look at all the tokens, you can remove all the tokens from the second bag with except for one token that is uniquely different from other tokens from your default chaos bag. Treat that token as the Elder Sign token, and you will start the scenario with 17 tokens in the chaos bag.

      For my case, I loaded my Standard bag, then loaded the Expert bag. I removed all the tokens from the Expert bag afterwards, leaving only the “-8” token. That will be my Elder Sign token.

      Hope this helps. Enjoy your campaign.

  4. Tried to install different games, but says there is a problem with plugin. Checked, tried differend devices, different networks, but doesn’t work.

  5. I am new at this and I can’t figure out to play solo with 4 investigators. I have built 4 decks but the game just wants to lump them together under one player, me.


  6. *one of the two cards of the The Miskatonic Museum Mythos deck “security office” ( “The Miskatonic Museum #129. The Miskatonic Museum #12”) is missing

    * “Agenda 1b” from The Unspeakable Oath is missing too

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