A long-awaited update, and some new Image Packs!

Apologies for the lack of updates on this module, but here I am trying to play catch-up. I’ve had some help from outstanding members of the community in keeping the game definition updated with new releases fairly regularly — so the Path to Carcosa Deluxe Expansion and the 1st Mythos Pack in it’s cycle (Echoes of the Past) have already been included in the game for you to play! I’ve now caught up with Image Packs, which you can download here. Thank you for your patience!

3 thoughts on “A long-awaited update, and some new Image Packs!

  1. Ditto, thanks for the hard work!

    FYI I’ve converted to OCTGN format 5 of the popular fan-made scenarios on board game geek, is there a way these can be made easily available to other players?

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