Your First Clue has been Revealed

Finally, after a long-winded delay, the site for OCTGN’s Arkham Horror LCG module has been unleashed! Here you can keep up to date with updates about the module, and most importantly, grab Image Packs for the cards as they are released. If you’re just joining us, keep in mind that we will not be publishing Image Packs for cards until 6 months after their physical release.

The latest update of the module includes the releases for Undimensioned and Unseen & Where Doom Awaits! So we are reaching ever closer to the culmination of the Dunwich Legacy Cycle.


6 thoughts on “Your First Clue has been Revealed

  1. The link for Essex County Express Pack actually links to Miskatonic University Pack. Could you correct this please? Thanks

  2. Thanks again for your great work!
    As of feedback:
    * Extracurricular Activity: “The Experiment” card seems to be missing from the deck.
    * The House Always Wins: there is one redundant “Darkened Hall” in act deck and one missing “Back Hall Doorway” in location deck.

  3. Are you still working on this? Or have you abandoned it? Kind of important to know, cause if you abandoned it, I’m going to be trying to get someone else to pick this up so it can get updated already….

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