IMPORTANT: OCTGN Game Directory Game Feed has Changed!


This is a message to all OCTGN game plugin developers and OCTGN players.  Previously, new OCTGN users were required to add the OCTGN Game Directory game feed to their list of game feeds in order to install any games hosted here.  This is no longer the case.

OCTGN now includes a game feed called “Community Games“, which links directly to the OCTGN Game Directory game feed hosted here.  New users no longer need to add a new game feed to access our games.  Existing users can delete their old custom game feeds if they wish to do so.

The “Installing Games” page is updated to reflect this new information.  Plugin Developers, please update any documentation if needed.



Welcome to the OCTGN Game Directory.  For instructions to install OCTGN and the various games featured here, click the tabs above.  To find more information on a specific game, click the game’s link on the right-hand sidebar.  Below is a news feed, showing newest updates and posts from the game pages.

Apr 10

High Punch Update 0.7.1: New Fighters Join the Autoscript Team

Konnichiwa (今日は) fighters!

CFC Team comes back with a new update for the Card Fighters’ Clash plugin for OCTGN! This update adds 10 more characters with autoscripts (this is, the game will automatically apply the effects of cards): Haggar, Maki, Lucifer, Ruby Heart, Son Son, Mega Man, Mega Man X, Rock, Rock Man, Roll, Roll Caskett, Roll-chan and Tron Bonne.

Additionally, the game play has been improved so it is less prone to errors if you play with the automations activated.

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Mar 24

FFTCG – Plugin Release (ver

– All 148 Opus VIII cards are now available, featuring characters from Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Final Fantasy Legends, and more!
– Added image pack for the above
– Added the new 2019 theme decks for Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy XIV
– For cards such as the Opus VII Monster series, which have abilities when discarded from the hand, there will now be a popup when discarding allowing the user to play them to the field as a pseudo-Summon

For first-time OCTGN players, you can download the updated instruction manual here!

Mar 22

My Little Pony CCG Update Sands of Time/Queen Chrysalis VC

Patch Notes


  • Added Sands of Time set
  • Added Queen Chrysalis challenge
  • Made problem cards on table look bigger
  • Fix invalid key binding for face off flip and flip card action

CTRL+F is now used for face off flips, previously it was F10
SHIFT+F7 is now used for flipping cards, previously it was F9

For the next update, I will be reworking the phase system and fixing the meticulous system. For more details and a sneak peak, please join the discord group.

If you wish to contribute to the development of MLP CCG OCTGN, I have set up a GitHub page where you can fork the repo and make your own changes. Once your changes are reviewed, I will add your code to the live build.
GitHub page:

Dec 09

My Little Pony CCG Update Friends Forever

Patch Notes


  • Added Friends Forever set
  • Fixed a bug in Duplicate function that would crash the function if only 1 copy is duplicated

In the next update, I’ll be focusing on updating Villain Challenge and adding in the Queen Chrysalis challenge. Other than that, feel free to give any feedback/suggestions and report any bugs. Enjoy the new set!

Dec 03

Keyforge 1.0.1 Update

Hey Keyforgers! We’ve released an exciting new version of the Keyforge game pack! All cards are now available to play, with a new image pack available here! This image pack contains proper images for all 370 cards in the main expansion, Call of the Archons.

Some key new features:
– Load a random deck from a gigantic pool of publicly available decklists
– Load a specific registered deck via URL input
– Full support of Mavericks (no images currently available, but the proxy image generator should be able to fill in the gaps here)

Oct 31

FFTCG – Plugin Release (ver

– All 138 Opus VII cards are now available, featuring characters from Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy Legends, and more!
– Added image pack for the above

For first-time OCTGN players, you can download the updated instruction manual here!

Aug 30

Welcome to Keyforge!

This will be the homepage for the Keyforge OCTGN game package.

To play Keyforge, look for the Keyforge game in OCTGN’s Community Feeds directory.

The link to the image pack can be found HERE! NOTE that the game is not yet currently released, and many cards are still missing as they have not yet been spoiled. The image pack will be regularly updated as new/better quality images are released.

Keyforge is a Unique Deck Game, meaning that every physical deck you purchase will be a specially randomized collection of 36 cards. The deck is guaranteed to be unique — no other player in the world will have the exact same deck. To go even further, each deck will have its own unique card back, featuring a randomly-generated avatar picture and character name.

The OCTGN Keyforge game package tries to remain faithful to the spirit of the Unique Deck Game format. As such, when you play a game of Keyforge on OCTGN, you will be able to generate your own unique deck for that game session. (Disclaimer: The randomization method we use to generate the decks is much less complex than the real algorithm used by the game publishers — we are merely approximating the contents of a deck). Unfortunately due to OCTGN’s limitations, we do not provide the unique card backs and avatar identities that are prominently featured in the real version of the game.

This is a fan-made community project. We are in no way affiliated with the Keyforge publishers or any of its properties.

To learn more about Keyforge, please check out the official Keyforge website at

The OCTGN Keyforge game package is an open-source community project. The code can be found here:

Aug 05

Update – Sealed Format

All the sets have been fixed for sealed format, the_stellar was a huge help! Now you can add any set(even promos) to limited games, and they properly take rarity into account when generating booster packs.

To play the format, start a game. Instead of loading a deck, select “Start Limited Game”, add as many boosters of the sets you want and you’re good to go!

Jul 29

Update – Episode 2

This is nitrox.
It’s late, but Episode 2, the second block of DMR, is finally here!
This set block introduces a new civilization, Zero, whose cards are considered colourless.

I’ve made a lot of progress in auto-extraction of card data and images from the DM wikia, and this expansion was possible only because of the support of the community. A big thanks to all the old peeps that worked on the plugin, plus Naveed and Heatedline especially, for helping me complete the program for image extraction.

The sets are:

DMR-05 Episode 2: Golden Age
DMR-06 Episode 2: Victory Rush
DMR-07 Episode 2: Golden Dragon
DMR-08 Episode 2: Great Miracle (7 Hero Version)

DMD-05 Rising Dash Deck: Infinite Attack!
DMD-06 Rising Dash Deck: Counterattack Block!
DMD-07 Deformation Deck Set: Ogre DX Dragon
DMD-08 Deformation Deck Set: Ogre DX Angel

DMX-08 Burn up to the Max! BEST Competition
DMX-09 Deck Builder Ogre DX: Gamba! Katsuta Saga
DMX-10 Deck Builder Ogre DX: Kirari! Leo Saga
DMX-11 Great Decisive Battle: Allstar 12
DMX-12 Black Box Pack
DMX-13 White Zenith Pack

Year 11 Promos

Please download the images from:

Jul 07

FFTCG – Plugin Release (ver

– All 130 Opus VI cards are now available, featuring characters from Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and more!
– Added image pack for the above

For first-time OCTGN players, you can download the updated instruction manual here!