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Hi everybody,

Thank you for the support you’ve shown for the OCTGN Game Directory all these years. This blog started out as a free message board a long time ago, and had eventually evolved into this network of wordpress pages. The Game Directory was created as a way to consolidate all the games available on OCTGN into one easy to access location, for players to see what’s available to play, as well as a platform for OCTGN game developers to share their work and provide supporting documentation.

Since then, OCTGN has grown and evolved as more and more people discovered it. One of the most beneficial features for the community was the addition of the Game Feed system, where users can view a list of games from within OCTGN, and subscribe to automatic updates of game files. We were quick to adopt this system, and began hosting all of our games there. The OCTGN Game Directory’s primary focus shifted from a network of blogs, to a hosted Nuget feed. Eventually, we were added as a default feed in OCTGN, so now everybody had easy access to its games.

With easy access to all available games on the feed, it became apparent that this website was becoming obsolete. We kept it going for two main reasons: For game developers to organize relevant documentation and download links for their game’s image packs, and for players to see announcements and details on game package updates. However, many newer game developers chose to host their own external game pages, making the list of games on this site different from that on the feed. Some games also stopped updating, and were no longer compatible with OCTGN’s current versions.

The final kicker was the realization that the current traffic and utility of the site could not justify its hosting fees, as well as the routine maintenance and upkeep required to keep it going. So the decision was made to close down the site. Simply put, it just isn’t a necessary service anymore.

The shutdown will occur in stages.
– First, we will remove this landing page. Individual game pages will stay open and be accessible for now. We need to give enough time for game developers to update their games to point URLs to their new hosting locations.
– On June 1st, 2020, we will remove all pages from the site. Existing links to game pages will no longer work.

What this means for the OCTGN user:
Not very much. You will still be able to find information on your installed games, you just need to follow the link found in OCTGN’s game manager.

What this means for game developers hosting pages on the site:
1) You must find a new hosting location for your game’s webpage. WordPress offers free hosting, but you can use your own hosting if you wish.
2) You can export a copy of your game’s current page by going into the dashboard, then Tools, then Export. You should then be able to import it into any WordPress account.
3) You must update your game’s GameUrl and SetsUrl attributes in the game definition, and make sure they are pointing to the new location. You will need to push out an update to the game.

OCTGN is not shutting down. Our game feed is not shutting down. All of the games will continue to be available in OCTGN’s game feed. This is the just the logical next phase of the OCTGN game directory.

Thank you all for your continued support over all these years. If you have any questions, please join the OCTGN Discord server at and let us know in the #general channel.

OCTGN Game Directory



Welcome to the OCTGN Game Directory.  For instructions to install OCTGN and the various games featured here, click the tabs above.  To find more information on a specific game, click the game’s link on the right-hand sidebar.  Below is a news feed, showing newest updates and posts from the game pages.

Patch Notes

My Little Pony CCG Update Sideboard update and final post

Patch Notes


  • Implemented a sideboard function where players can choose whether to sideboard and move 1-5 cards to the sideboard (Re-enabled the automatic drawing of 6 cards after the setup phase too)

This will also be my final post on this site since will be taken down on June 1st, 2020. I recommend you to join the discord group at to continue getting the latest patch notes for MLPCCG OCTGN. I might migrate this site to another hosting service but the chances of that happening will be slim as everything is available on Discord. So if you been here reading all my patch notes, I thank you for sticking with this site for so long and I hope to see you on Discord.

NOTE: Villain Challenge is still broken in this version! (Hopefully I can fix it by the next update)

GitHub page:


A Major Milestone in the Path of the Warrior

Update 0.8.0 (codename: Shōryūken) comes with a major improvement on gameplay: all the effects of all the cards have been scripted, which means that the game is fully automated! You can now focus on the game and tactics and forget about doing some manual tasks over and over again.

Happy Akuma card
Akuma is happy again

A New Haven for the Fighters

The second big update is that CFC is moving to a new home!

As you know, is closing down (but not OCTGN neither CFC!), so we are moving our site to a new place:

You will find there news, guides, image packs and more stuff related to Card Fighters’ Clash.

Thank you very much to brine and all the people that supported during all this years.

See you in the next match! Shōryūken!


New home!

We’ve finished setting up the new site to post updates and we are moving there. Bookmark or follow the new blog, however is the most convenient for you. And because resources are limited, the new site might not be as pretty as this one here. Pretty or not, it will serve its purpose of being an image site for AHLCG’s OCTGN module.

Say goodbye to this site, we’re moving to a new one! 😀


Moving home 😱

This is all happening so fast and all of a sudden! We’re moving the site to another home. The reason for this change is because the OCTGN developers are phasing out the now-obsolete sites.

We are setting up the new site at the moment, and we will make a new post linking to it once we’ve moved all the data there. Hang tight!

Other than the change in URL, everything will stay the same.

And with FFG’s delay in release until after April, there will only be an update for Weaver of the Cosmos on the day the pack is supposed to come out. Keep an eye on for the release next weekend.

Stay safe everyone.


The finale of The Dream-Eaters

We’re coming to the finish line for TDE! Campaign A has been released, and while we’re still waiting for the rest of Campaign B to come out, we have some updates for you guys.

As you may have noticed, we’ve reorganized the Image Pack page and group complete cycles into a single file for easy download and management. We will only do this when we have scans (not watermarked) images of the cards. And since Return to boxes are released way after the cycle is complete, you will see a separate entry for them under a complete cycle. Once the Return box is released, we will group it into the main cycle, like what you’re seeing with the Core, TDL and PTC.

You can also see that some files have .zip extension and some have .o8c. Because we want to release image packs in parallel with the module’s releases, we have to include watermarked images, as scanned images usually come later on. To differentiate, .zip files consist of watermarked images, while .o8c files have scanned (larger/more HQ) images.

What this means is that with this update, all packs up to 06.2 – A Thousand Shapes of Horror, and all standalone except Labyrinth and the Book series are scan images. And if you haven’t updated your card images yet, now’s a good time to do it. Just download the new files and install them on OCTGN, they’ll replace the old images.

We also sneaked in Hotel & Blob in an update for you. Check them out, they’re really interesting and fun scenarios.

Remember to check back in often to catch the last pack of TDE when you see an update for the game on OCTGN! When we have scans for the whole TDE, we’ll group it up too, so do redownload them to update your game. See you when The Insmouth Conpsiracy comes! Stay safe out there!


FFTCG – Plugin Release (ver

– All 140 Opus X! – Soldier’s Return – cards are now available, featuring characters from Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XV, and more!
– Added image pack for the above
– Added initial support for Counters on cards such as Edge, Garnet, and the new Monsters. Currently you will have to add Counters manually, but future releases will have support for automatic Counter tracking

For first-time OCTGN players, you can download the updated instruction manual here!

Patch Notes

My Little Pony CCG Update Changes for the new Sideboard feature

Patch Notes


  • Allows Auto meticulous to be turned off and instead just notifying the user in chat if there is a meticulous card they can use. You can find the setting by right clicking your hand or use CTRL+SHIFT+C (Will reset to default after every game reset)
  • Now there are separate Tabs for drawing cards and gaining AT. One for readying cards, one for gaining AT, one for drawing cards and the last for going to the next phase
  • Fixed the green arrow bug but using it will jump the game toward by 1 turn since green arrow causes the game to start at turn 1 instead of 0
  • Added a sideboard pile to store sideboard cards
  • Temporarily disabled the automatic drawing of 6 cards after the setup phase (Will be rectified in a later update)

Since I’m current busy, I will not be able to do a proper rework of the setup phase until mid April onward. I hope the temporary workaround is sufficient for the time being. For now, if you plan to use the sideboard, please load in 50 cards and then put 0-5 cards in your sideboard pile. Thanks for reading!

NOTE: Villain Challenge is still broken in this version!

GitHub page:



As some of you may have noticed, the Image Pack page has been updated with the latest pack released. Many of the newly added image packs are watermarked images already released on FFG’s official site so we’re just repackaging them into OCTGN image packs for you. We will continue to try our best to procure HQ images to replace and release them after the 6-months period as has been the rules here.

The AHLCG plugin in OCTGN have also been updated, and from now on, the watermarked image packs will be released along with each update patch for the plugin. Be sure to check back regularly.

The User Guide has also been updated, so you can go there and check it out. There we have written down how you can run the game, how to set it up, as well as tips and tricks on how to make the most use out of the infrastructure we have.

Let us know what you think, and contact us at the Mythos Buster’s Discord server!

Patch Notes

My Little Pony CCG Update Leaders and Legends

Patch Notes


  • Added Leaders and Legends set
  • Made Zecora, Curative Cache ability fully automatic (Feel free to check it out!)
  • Added a warning if players start the game using the green arrow (There’s a bug with it, please use Tab instead)
  • Updated MLPCCG card’s back with a higher quality image
  • Fixed issue with TM facing up causing the ready phase to not draw cards and give AT to the player
  • Reworked all Sets and Image packs (Important, I will discuss below)

For sets and image packs:
I have renamed every set GUID to make it more organised and consistent. However, this breaks every image pack installed and needs some action from you guys. After auto updating to this version, I need you guys to uninstall the game from Games Manager and reinstall it. This would remove all old set GUID. Then go to your Documents/OCTGN/ImageDatabase/65656467-b709-43b2-a5c6-80c2f216adf9/Sets and remove every folder in Sets. This will remove all card images. After that, use the Games Manager and install the new All Sets image pack (Please join the Discord group to get the link).

For future updates:
Just a heads up, there might not be any major updates coming anytime soon after this. This is because I’m busy with my uni work and do not have as much free time to play around with OCTGN. So this means future updates might only consist of fixes to major game breaking bugs, new sets or adding special card abilities. If anyone want to add their own game features, you are welcomed to fork my GitHub page and make your own changes.

More info on special card abilities and dev tools for MLPCCG OCTGN can be found on the Discord group. I hope you guys enjoy the update!

NOTE: Villain Challenge is still broken in this version!

GitHub page: